Old Stuff

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Hello, Friends!

Everyone will love the new stuff.
Definitely, new goods, especially technology products, are better and convincing because there is already a feature development, supported by after sales service and warranty if there is a problem, although limited. So, what about old stuff ? Very old stuff ? The emergence of new goods does not mean things that people abandoned long ago even discarded. There are always people who still want to accommodate the old stuff. Even certain old items, like works of art, if treated and well preserved, will have a high value. There are also old things because they are hundreds years old and even thousands years old, such as paintings, buildings, glassware and musical instruments for example, because the stuff was once owned by famous people, highly influential officials and collectors, so if you want to have it in the unusual way. To own such items is usually by auction. With the auction system is what makes the price of an item to be high. Someone who wants to have old stuff, especially antiquities and antiques, is not just to be owned, but there are those who make the ancient items as a trail for an historical event that has happened in the past. Ancient goods can also be a hint of a long-standing mystery that has not been revealed.

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