In Congestion

Congestion often occurs everywhere, especially on major roads in all countries in the world, although not all. Various solutions are sought to be handled these time-consuming transportation conditions including moving people from smaller vehicles into larger ones. Jams are endemic especially in its business districts. Some of daytime traffic in the busiest areas now move more slowly than it did couple years ago.

Even Netherlands considering paying people to cycle to work in effort to cut road congestion. Dutch government wants to encourage people to cycle ‘three billion kilometres more’ than at present. (

Congestion caused by amount vehicles and less infrastructure. What if later all vehicles use electricity ? Is traffic jam still happening or getting worse ? All possibilities can occur. And I think you who are experiencing traffic jams on the road have more or less the same feeling, maybe angry, stressed, upset or patient ? or … even do you find an interesting idea to create an article on your blog when traffic is stuck? or do you get a brilliant idea when it’s stuck? That’s surprise ! And better than complaining of an unfinished traffic problem.
Something possitive when traffic problem. I hope so, how about you ? What about the traffic situation in the city where you live and do activity ?
But even so, when the situation is stuck or not, you still have to be careful when driving
Have a safe trip !